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Obert & Signe Rye, long time residents of Colstrip, loved their garden and Rosebud County. Signe always brought fresh flowers to church during the growing season. The Rye gardens were an envy to this community. Upon the passing these treasured residents, the Board of Directors at SHAC recognized a beautiful garden area would compliment our historic building. To commemorate Signe, our garden consists of blooms of bricks that continue to flower every time a brick is purchased. Bricks honor milestones in the lives of treasured members of our surrounding communities. If you want to acknowledge a wedding, graduation, special occasion of any kind, or to memorialize a loved one, we will make sure your gift will be appreciated. Contact us today to order your brick. The legend of your loved one will live on forever in our beautiful garden of this historic building. Thank you for ensuring our continued growth and success.

A few of the bricks bordering Signe’s Garden

A few of the bricks bordering Signe’s Garden

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